Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Amazing Grace

I've been reading Kelly Cutrone's tome about life lessons and getting to where you want to be, and she emphasises the need for role models/inspirations in your everyday life, or at least something that reflects a quality in you. Anywho, I thought hard about it, and rewatched the September Issue while pondering, and then was hit- Grace Coddington! Who didn't fall in love with her in that movie? She was the undisputed star due to her empathy, hard work and lack of pretence. Designers and coworkers flocked to her like moths to her flame-like hair and it was easy to see why. I would love to someday work in fashion and hope I can remain as down-to-earth as she is.....oh, and have an eighth of her talent! The woman is a true inspiration.

Dree xx

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