Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Bare Feet

I finally ventured out today with the aid of crutches and found out a few things: 1) pavements in the UK are treacherously uneven 2) across the body bags are a God send and made for times like these 3) getting caught in the middle of the road when the lights changed is even scarier when you can't move fast! I chose some comfy clothes today in the form of dungarees and flip flops (actually only one coz my foot couldn't fit in the other one). Can't wait to be back on form and did i mention my new shearling boots? Am super excited!

Dree xx

hat Asos
grey tank top (just seen) illustrated people
dungarees urban outfitters
rings H&M
cuff urban outfitters

ps: couldn't actually fit shoes onto my foot, so no shoe posts for a while!


  1. Such cute photos! Love the dungarees paired off with that hat.
    Hope you foot heals up quickly!

  2. gorgeous! love the hat on you - it looks vintage!

  3. Amazing hat and blog! :)

    Ps. Thanks for using my Bloglovin' Artist icon and for your comment.


  4. Wow this look is amazing...Awsome blog..i would love it if you checked out mine sometime !!!