Friday, 20 May 2011

Festival Fashion: Part Une

And here, as promised is my festival series. I’m so excited about the festival season: great music, new friends and lots of beer! I always have such a great time and I’m sure you guys do as well! The real challenge is how to look good/stylish when you haven’t showered in 2 days and been sleeping in a tent for 3 hours a night! Here is my four part guide to looking your best (easily and cheaply!) Hope you guys enjoy it!


Classically, there have been 2 festival fashion camps: Boho and rocker chick. I’m a huge advocate of both looks and think both look great in the sunshine, but why not use this opportunity to try something new or trendy? This year, I’m trying colour blocking: so simple and easy, but big impact! The highstreet is full of separates in gorgeous colours (favourites include H&M and River Island), so you could try blue/red/green or yellow/red/blue combos. Anything goes really! The only drawback being that you have to pack loads of separates, which can be a pain or you may not have the space.  

Perfect Rocker chick

I’m loving the summer blouses (Topshop do the best ones) and love them paired with denim cutoffs or capris pants. Such a great laid back look, whilst adding a ladylike edge.Also, for those lucky enough to find a vintage treasure, why not wear it at a festival? Remember to wear with modern pieces to keep it from looking constumey. One woman who does this beautifully is Dita Von Teese.

I know it's a playsuit, but the whole ensemble is perfectly pitched

Unfortunately, there are some fashions that look great, but become complete disasters practically: maxidresses and playsuits. I love, love, love these, but seriously, they can be total pains. Maxidresses are great until you try to walk around in them- they seem to collect detritus by dragging on the floor. Also, people step on the hem and before you know it, it’s a minidress (this may only apply to me since I’m short!). Playsuits are so cute (especially with wellies/brogues/utility boots) but they completely fail when visiting the Portaloos. Who wants to get naked in a portaloo? Ewww.

you look ace hun, but impractical!

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