Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I must admit that my heart sank just a little when I saw the skirt lengths for AW10.....the Midi! How will short people like myself cope? The skirt went against all my sensibilities- I like to get my legs out (btw was ecstatic when OTK boots were huge last winter) and seemed determined to make me look like Thumbelina's shorter sister. Anywho, I took the plunge and bought this one from Asos...and was pleasantly surprised. It went with more things in my wardrobe than I initially thought, it's quite flattering due to the nipped in waist and it looked like NOTHING I'd already owned- always a bonus! Here are my rules/guidelines to rocking your midi:
1) Unless you're over 5'7, don't even think about leaving the house without wearing heels
2) Define the waist- I was quite lucky that this skirt was naturally quite highwaisted, although I'm not sure if I can eat in this
3) Don't go for the obvious choices- yes I chose a blouse with this, but the skirt looked equally chic with a tank top or cropped sweater
4) Don't expect straight men to like it...at first. The hourglass shape will win them back onside!

Dree xx

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  1. Boy oh Boy!. I eyed that skirt for MONTHS and waited too late. I'm glad you are able to enjoy and style in it.