Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Festival Final

tank top All Saints, shorts Levis, wellies Hunter, jacket Animal, sunglasses  Rayban

Last weekend I went to my final festival of this summer ( Creamfields) and I've learnt that when the weather forecast says 'sunny intervals', take your waterproofs along coz it's going to rain ALL weekend! UGH. Despite the mud and rain, most girls ended up looking fresh, cool and what's the secret? After a few convos, I discovered their tricks for looking cute:
1) Wellies! Bring these no matter what the forecast says, invest in a cute pair. Trust me, you don't want to lose your favourite loafers or sandals

2) Visit the hair salon before going- oversized bun + lots of pins (ie bridal hair) = a nonbudge style come wind or rain.

3)Kimonos: so versatile and easily transformed a tank top and cutoff jeans into something Kate Moss would be proud of

4) Sunglasses, no matter if it's bright or dark- these hide tired eyes, runny makeup etc

5) Gel Nails- not the mega long french polished acrylics (these have had their day!) but classic red polish that lats up to three weeks!

6)  A decent spray tan- natural colour hides a multitude of sins, including cellulite. I also find that you can get away with less makeup when you have a tan.

As you can see from the above photo, I chose warmth and comfort! LOL! I also managed to capture the one sunny moment all weekend! Hope you guys had a great one!

Dree xx

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