Sunday, 14 August 2011


I decided to check out my new neighbourhood yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at what lay beyond my doorstep- loads of cafes, bookshops, vintage stores and boutiques! Who knew? I loved exploring and having a good riffle through the vintage clothes. I have to confess that I like the idea of vintage, but can rarely find anything that fits, is in good condition and doesn't look like fancy dress.....until I found this cute little store which makes dreses from vintage fabrics, kinda like urban renewal. I had to buy this dress coz it's got the cutest print-little owls! hope you guys are having a great sunday!

Dree xx

dress Made
belt H&M
boots Primark


  1. amazing outfit!!!
    nice post!! great blog :)


  2. vintage shops are real treasures in the modern world ! But your dress is quite cute <3

    alexandra @