Thursday, 8 March 2012

In the Changing Room.....

I was looking through the last couple of posts and I realised that it's been AGES since I've put a pic of me up or even some style ideas. It's been mainly coz I moved...and then was broke....then got distracted...then was broke lol. Anywho, I finally broke my fashion fast today and took a few snaps along the way. Can you guess which pieces I ended up buying? :P

Dree xx

what I wore: beanie H&M sunglasses Rayban cardigan Urban Outfitters shirt Topshop shorts Levi tights Falke flats Tory Burch bag Louis Vuitton

First stop: Topshop

.....Still in Topshop

Urban Outfitters (best shop to hold all my crap)

River Island (cute wallpaper)

River Island (always need another POV)

ps: apologies for the crappy phone pic quality, but hopefully you can see the pieces :)


  1. Loving those River Island trousers! Did you buy them?x

  2. Thanks! I bought the blue ones- they're so comfy! Have you checked out the other prints they have on sale? Unfortunately my budget didn't stretch far enough. :)

    Dree xx