Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Age Old (old age) question....

A facebook friend posted this heavily airbrushed picture of Madonna promoting her upcoming album MDNA. The image was gorgeous, but I was surprised how many people commented negatively on it. The weird thing was,they had no problem with the airbrushing, but couldn't seem to accept the pose, garments or sexiness of the image. Most comments suggested she should 'cover up' or 'act her age'. Really? Do we still have this archaic idea that after a certain age, women (and to a lesser extent, men) should fit neatly into predetermined roles- dress a certain way, act demure and not be considered sexy? Especially since the image of 'older women' (ie 40s and 50s) has changed dramatically in the past two decades, are we now expected to look twenty-something forever, but act like a 1950's housewife? Frankly, I think we should congratulate Madonna for once again pushing the boundaries and challenging stereotypes. What do you think?

Dree xx

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