Thursday, 5 April 2012


Okay, this post might be (will be) a bit ranty, but I had to say something. Yesterday I was in London for business and I decided to pop to Oxford Street, in a bid to find a pair of plain, black skinny trousers.....Two hours and five shops later, I was nearly in tears. It wasn't that they were hard to find, but the fit and quality really let them down. Without exception, all the trousers I tried were 1) huge on the waist 2)tight on the hips and 3)weird around the crotch. Who are these trousers made for? I was feeling quite down about my obviously alien body when I took stock of the ladies around me. After a quick calculation (okay estimation), it seemed that about 80% of the women around me were not wearing trouser that fit OR flattered. The tell-tale signs of a ruched waistband,where the belt was too tight, the slight wince when sitting down or the trouser dance (ie pulling down the trousers when getting up to make them semi-comfortable again) were evident. Why aren't more of us saying something? Why do we have to buy these low quality versions at mid quality prices? Needless to say, I left empty handed. Do you have a nghtmare trouser story?

Dree xx

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