Friday, 25 June 2010

The Clash

I don't usually post two outfits in a day, but I had to! Don't you love the feeling when you find a piece which, not only slips seamlessly into your wardrobe, it makes your existing clothes more interesting? Today I found two! I fell in love with the McQueen-esque printed longsleeved dress, but when I saw the jacket, I was hooked. Also, the stripey dress fitted like a glove and looked great with it! Both were from H&M and under 15 quid. Happy Friday!

Dree xx

jacket H&M
dress H&M
heels Kurt Geiger


  1. first of all: your dress is super hot ;D i love stripes and the nautical look ;)

    i´m obsessed with photography but unfortunately this was only a course at our university. i won´t have it forever.

    Did u say you are studying photography?! that´s amazing. I bet you´re enjoying it.

    greetz from Berlin

  2. oohhh
    that jacket is phenomenal!

    the stripes looks good on you :)

    check out my blog

  3. Thank for the comments guys! Katjushada, I'd love to do a photography course, but am just experimenting at the moment. I love looking at compositions and tones on film, but it's a hobby of mine, so far. will definitely do a course in the future!
    Dree xx